The Sunship Procurement team are trained to scour the world in order to provide you with the best solutions in the market. We recognize the importance of trust in a relationship.
With our globalize network of reliable business associates, we are able to provide you first class resources that will fulfill your business needs.
Outsource all your enquiries to us and be amazed with the cost reduction without elimination resources. We assist in a variety of tasks for our clients, including obtaining materials, supplies, contracts at the best price reasonably available through open and fair competition.
We have been a procurement agent for various reputable oil and gas companies in Myanmar and Brunei since 1997.
Commonly sourced products:
  • Machinery                               Ÿ     Chemicals                       Ÿ      Fabrication Works
  • Paints                                      Ÿ      Vehicles Parts                 Ÿ     Hand Tools Refrigeration Parts
  • Compressors                           Ÿ    Valves                             Ÿ       Hoses & Pipe Fittings    
  • Lubricants                               Ÿ     Batteries                         Ÿ        Diesel Engine Parts
  • Pumps                                     Ÿ      Hand Tools                      Ÿ     Material handling Equipment
  • Hardware                                Ÿ     Tapes                              Ÿ       Studs, Bolts & Nuts
  • Tyres                                       Ÿ      Tubings                           Ÿ       Safety Equipment
  • Instruments                            Ÿ      Industrial Supply             Ÿ      Bunkering Services
  • Switches                                 Ÿ      Filters                              Ÿ        Electricals & electronics
  • Wire Rope                               Ÿ     Cranes                             Ÿ     Test & Measurement
       You enquire, we produce the results.